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time to get engaged

Searching for a new job opportunity is a time intensive and somewhat arduous process, but the past two weeks whilst I have been actively looking for a new role have been quite upbeat and positive.  Although I have not been out of work since I left university way back in 2004, looking for marketing roles and understanding the recruitment process is not alien to me having worked in a recruitment environment for over seven years.

I have been utilising approaches that I know well but have also started to think about new techniques that may be able to secure me a role in a company where I can really develop and continue to learn about marketing (more about that later).

(Online) Engagement in the modern world has been elevated to a new level in the past two years and a job advert online, or a glossy advert in an industry magazine are simply not enough – we need to be talking to each other.  Now, I’m sure you are saying “yes Glenn, we know this” but it is amazing the polarising attitudes I have experienced in the past fortnight.  From direct enquiries, I have had people following and messaging me on Twitter on a daily basis, noticed marketing pros looking at my profile on LinkedIn (which I of course followed up with a not-too-heavy email) and had a few comments from the community on the fast-growing and impressive BraveNewTalent. I even had assistance from my friends over at CharltonLife who took time out lamenting about another season in League 1 to chat!  On the flipside, some companies, recruitment agencies and individuals there was not a peep or an acknowledgement – which is quite interesting to see and experience when you’re central to the process.

This wasn’t all one way though – I’ve been making a conscious effort to be far more involved in the “community” and although I’ve had emails from recruiters and hiring managers to my inbox (for which I am extremely grateful, and I thank those companies/people), there is something a bit more impressive and personal about being contacted initially through a ‘new’ communication channel or alluding to it in an email.  Whether or not I can keep up the engagement levels in my new role when it presents itself remains to be seen, but being on “ the other side” has made me realise how important continuous and relevant communication is – and it’s everybody’s responsibility – not just the marketing department’s. Although it is something I have always championed and been involved in, I’ll definitely be making extra effort having now personally experienced the positive effects.

Within the next week or so, I will be testing the power of the communities on Twitter, LinkedIn, this blog and now Google+ in my job search – it will be done for the power of good as well, not just for me to secure my new role!

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