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apply now, but how?

It didn’t take long. Dusting off my recruitment hat (it’s only been in the closet for a few months), I see that LinkedIn have finally announced their ‘Apply Button’.

Now, I’m not sure it is exactly going to revolutionise the way in which jobs are filled by companies or indeed the way that people search for jobs, but it does further highlight the growing importance of the personal and corporate brand and the awareness we should have when appearing online.

My gut reaction is that the CV will continue to be predominant decider in the initial stages of the recruitment process for many firms and I can’t see recruitment firms solely relying on LinkedIn profiles in the next five years – but a change is happening (and has been for a number of years)…

The more technological savvy companies (and indeed specialist recruiters) could indeed move to a “LinkedIn Only” application system and that could change the landscape of job applications and recruiting quite dramatically.  People will start paying closer attention to the applications section on LinkedIn to both organise their prospects and to showcase their talent(s), looking at ways to stand out.

So, is it time for us to throw our old CV into the bin and start researching on what the best LinkedIn profiles are and how we should create them?

It’s not as black and white as that, we should be seeing the LinkedIn profile as an extension of our professional, personal brand.  This is as equally as important for employers as well – if you’re asking for people to apply via LinkedIn and your staff have shoddy profiles it will not reflect well upon the company’s brand will it?

Many individuals and firms are already using the LinkedIn platform with great success for both job searching and hiring, but if the uptake in the new plugin rises quickly amongst some of the leading companies around the world we could see everyone paying that little bit more close attention.



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One thought on “apply now, but how?

  1. Great article – straight to the point.

    I dearly hope we could ditch the traditional and over cumbersome not to mention limited CV / Resume.

    But, I do not believe LinkedIn is the answer- it may be close but for such a mainstream switch the solution needs to platform agnostic. We have seen many attempts to create the digital profile / resume for real hands on recruiting with ATS support etc. But all attempts failed.

    Some may say it is timing, but recruitment is a $bn industry and there is too much to give away globally for one company to own the CV / Resume.

    The way forwards is a simple, extendable protocol that LI can support and ATS and Job Boards and Career Sites etc. This on it’s own is tough enough to reach but Facebook connect buttons show it is possible.

    So think open source, think interchangeable and back to source and the future to help all is in your mind.

    Sorry LinkedIn but you need to open up!

    Posted by Mobile_dave | July 25, 2011, 20:56

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