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take comfort in knowing your company

Taking the time out to move around business functions to see how they work and how they add value is probably something that we could all do better, but as a marketer it is crucial.

Marketing Week recently published an article about marketers having to get out of their comfort zone if they want to find the elusive, metaphorical door code that gets you into the coveted C-Suite at a business – but I think it goes further than that.

Whether you are an intern, a recent graduate, working your first job in marketing after a career change, or have been in the industry for eons, then you should be making it part of your working day to understand how the business works.

Why? Well because marketing may not be everybody’s job, but it is everybody’s responsibility.

Receptionists are your brand when customers walk through your front door; credit control is your brand when they are chasing invoices; sales teams are your brand when picking up the phone; HR are your brand when training employees and the Board are your brand to the influencers in the wider world.

Understanding how other business functions work and how their jobs and daily lives integrate with the company and the brand allows you to build up a knowledge base to influence all areas of the business, and not just t fancy adverts and the website.

So today, just take a few minutes to pop around a different function, and ask what’s going on – it may just be that first hammer-knock on the glass ceiling that many marketers perceive difficult to break through.



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