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do you come here often?

I spent an evening last night on the banks of the River Thames at Only Marketing Jobs‘ London LinkUp event (sponsored by 2nd City Resourcing) – it was a great chance to share ideas, experiences and challenges in the marketing world, but it was the headline speaker from whom I believe many learnt the most from.

Andy Lopata is someone who I share a passion with (sorry to disappoint, but it’s Charlton Athletic), but he speaks with authority, knowledge, and above all – common sense when it comes to business networking.  The first chuckle from the crowd came when Andy mentioned that asking the question “So, what do you do” in a networking environment is the equivalent of asking “Do you come here often?”

How true that is!

People feel like they have to ask the question without having any real interest in the answer (which is almost always prepared and rehearsed) so why don’t we ask what we actually want to know/find out?  Networking should not inherently be about selling (whether its yourself or your business), but in Andy’s words it should be about “getting better known, equipped and connected”.

Courtesy of @Wise_Man_Say, you can see and hear Andy’s keynote.

“Show an interest in other people and stay in touch” was another mantra from Andy and I’d like to think it is something I have learnt over the past few months.

There were people and companies who I had taken an interest in prior to the event last night and it was great to meet them in person and carry on the engagement and conversation the old fashioned way.  Thank you to BraveNewTalent’s @ramonbez, Dylan’s @_RobLong and @NeilMitra for catching up in person.

I also met others who I hope to “carry on the relationship” beyond business card swapping including @caroleluck and @vicokezie.

Remember its not: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” it’s: “who knows you”.

Off to Mallorca for a week for some R&R, see you all soon.



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Glenn is a marketing professional looking at the world of communication, engagement, advertising and anything else that catches his eye. 2ens relates to his name - it's a pet peeve when he sees is spelt with only one...


3 thoughts on “do you come here often?

  1. Hi Glenn,

    Great round up and thanks very much for the mentions. This type of thing is exactly the reason why we put on events like this.

    Keep up the great work!

    Co-Founder, OnlyMarketingJobs.com

    Posted by ukmarketingjobs | August 11, 2011, 17:14
  2. No problem Mark, was a great evening. Onto the next one!

    Posted by Glenn | August 11, 2011, 17:16
  3. Quality post, Glenn, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, all of which I entirely agree with.

    Posted by Simon Lewis | August 12, 2011, 20:14

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