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the (very lazy) study of Facebook interaction

It was my birthday yesterday (a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, a couple of Malcolm Gladwell books and a lovely meal before you ask) which resulted in a couple of cards in the post, a few texts from family and a deluge of Facebook wall posts.

Now, this short post is not a ‘look at how many friends I’ve got’ type musing, it’s just a glimpse into what is quite possibly the most amateur study into the growth of Facebook interaction over the past four years.

As the stream of notifications wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’ kept popping up on my phone throughout the day, I got thinking that it is more than I have experienced before.  Being the inquisitive type of person I am, I headed over to the Facebook Timeline feature to jump back in time to see if my theory could be proved – and it was – over seven times as many ‘posts’ sinice 2007 (see below)!






With delusions of Einstein-like capabilities I started to think about why this could be, yet could come up with nothing better than ‘Facebook has just got more popular for interaction ain’t it’.  Not the most groundbreaking finding, and probably not that surprising, but I still thought it showed the increased levels of communication that is happening on the platform.  The fact that I replied to every message with a personal riposte shows my own personal view of social media and how we should be communicating, yet it highlights the rapid rise and changes in how the world is interacting and it is something we should be embracing.

Many will say it is killing communication and we’re all becoming slaves to the computer and the likes of Twitter (around ten ‘Happy Birthdays’ from followers by the way), Linkedin (zero) and Facebook but this is where people WANT to be speaking to each other – it would be foolish to ignore it on both personal and professional levels.

Enjoy your weekend.



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